"This is traditional Tai Chi training as I learned it in China's Wudang Mountains. The Wudang Clan emphasise basic skills training as a way to reach the highest levels of this healing art. Our teaching style uses clear, detailed tuition and repetition to sink into exercises that are designed to soften and strengthen the body as well as focus the mind. As the body opens and the mind calms you can work with your qi, and over time can go on to create the Tai Chi Powers - the main martial principles of Tai Chi. From there, the physical, mental and spiritual evolution that this process brings is yours to discover." Shifu Lucia/袁微容
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction To Tai Chi: Posture & Power

    • Set your intention

    • Introduction to Tai Chi: Posture & Power

    • Gentle Warm Up

  • 2

    Yin & Yang in Tai Chi: Footwork

    • Yin & Yang in Tai Chi: Footwork

  • 3

    Moving From The Centre

    • Moving From The Centre

  • 4

    Yin & Yang in Tai Chi: Bodywork

    • Yin & Yang in Tai Chi: Bodywork

  • 5

    The Tai Chi Powers

    • The Tai Chi Powers

  • 6

    Revision & How Tai Chi Develops

    • Revision & How Tai Chi Develops

    • Closing Words


Lucia Ring-Watkins

Lucia is a 16th Generation Wudang Lineage holder who has been training Tai Chi since 2002; her clan name is Yuan Wei Rong (袁微容). She learned Mandarin to communicate with her teacher, a Taoist monk called Yuan Li Min (袁理敏), and has spent over 2 years training Tai Chi full time in China's Wudang Mountains. Lucia set up the first Wudang Pai Tai Chi school in London in 2010 and switched to teaching online during the pandemic. This online course is the next step on that path.

Wudang Pai Tai Chi Basics Series

Six hours of tuition from a teacher with 20 years' experience. Yours for only £51